Written: 2022-11-01

Tech behind this site

A confession

To be very honest, I was only happy to build this site from scratch because of the tools and frameworks today that make web development accessible. What I mean by that is- I was always watching the frontend development scene since I was in high school. Only the tools of today, primarily Svelte, has made coding a website as intuitive as it should be.

It seems that this is an appreciation post, to Svelte and tailwind, for giving me the courage and maintaining my sanity to build this website.

Funnily enough, SvelteKit underwent breaking changes as I was coding this site, and since I liked the old way of doing things better, I kept using the older versions.


"create-svelte": "2.0.0-next.149"
"@sveltejs/kit": "1.0.0-next.405",
"@sveltejs/adapter-static": "1.0.0-next.39"

Priceless tools

  • tailblocks.cc provided high quality tailwind components that were also responsive
  • FontAwesome icons.
  • mdsvex for the blogging capabilities. This tutorial here was very helpful and provided inspiration.